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Tobyco is an Irish, family owned company - we supplied our first machine to a customer in 1984. With over 30 years of experience in the coin op industry, we can offer you sound advice and some of the best partnership deals in Ireland.

How it works

All of our equipment and machines are installed into your venue on a no cost, profit sharing basis. We offer a % profit share depending on the type of machine.

To start with we discuss your requirements and the expected footfall into your venue. From these discussions we will design the 'area' and allocate machines which are suitable for your target market. Machines range from Redemption, Video Arcade, Pushers, Cranes, Kiddie Rides, Pool Tables and Juke Boxes.

The machines are installed and then we empty them of takings (as and when suits your requirements), and, depending on the % deal, we then pay out a commission to you.

The machines remain under the ownership of Tobyco, but if either you or we feel that some of the machines are not attracting enough income, we can replace with a different machine.

Our customer support is a 24 hour service, so that your machines are running when you are open for business.

You have no outlay - no risks - no machine repairs or maintenance to pay for... Find out more now using our Contact Form below.

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